Grow your business by selling your products/services to international markets
With increasing demand for U.S. products in emerging markets, now may be the perfect time to go global. Since the National Export Initiative was enacted in 2010, many trade barriers have been removed and foreign trade agreements strengthened, creating a more level playing field for small U.S. businesses looking to export abroad.  Whether you are considering to expand your business, starting a dropship business or simply looking to work in international trade, this one day course will quickly teach you the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of import/export. This workshop will focus on practical aspects of selling to global markets and will give you the skills you can put to work immediately. 

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August 3, 2019
Due to limited space, registration will close as soon as the room’s capacity has been filled.  Please remember that in order to attend you must RSVP.  
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 Fundamentals of International Trade
 Making The Decision to Go Global
 Payment Terms and its Risks
 Logistics and its Protocol
 Making The Decision to Go Global
 Working With Representatives, Distributors
 Getting started in international trade
 International Business Etiquette
 Registering Your Product in other Countries
 Identifying Markets for your Product
 Clearing Agents and Inspection Services
 Market Research
 Resources & Guidance provided by the USDOCS
 Basics on Duties and Tariffs
 Letters Of Credit and Other Payment Methods
 Sourcing products and dropship
 Don’ts of Exporting
Contact Information
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Hurry! Seating Is Limited
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Resources and tools
"Let Your Business Do It For You"
How Will You Benefit?
 Learn the ins and outs of International Trade and its benefits:
 How to get up your business started and form partnerships in the market of your choice
 How to source products and suppliers in dominating markets like China, India and Latin America
 How to find free government resources
 How to find and match your product with buyers and sellers 
 Foreign exchange and currencies procedures
 How to find the right freight forwarder and understand logistics
 What you need to know on customs procedures 
 How to calculate your profit and landed product price 
 How to take the risk out of all your deals
 How to obtain and source vital contacts
 How to plan your first trip to explore the market of your choice
What is included in the course?
Upon enrollment, students will receive all the instructions so that they can be prepared for the day of the course. Other benefits are:
 A complete manual you can refer to as you begging your journey
 A one hour one on one with the instructor to further discuss export/import plan
 Added to our close international trade face-book group
 All forms and documents used during the course
 A pdf file with the power-point presentation
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Hurry! Seating Is Limited
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